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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Earth: The Cycles

The main theme behind this is that history repeats itself. The words were selected to generalize the main attributes of history and the progression of it, specifically humanity. The words are not exactly literal and the pictures explain the broad categories they pertain to.

Birth: This refers to the beginning of each generation of humanity, also the start of civilization itself.
Humble and violent

Evolution: This reveres to the process of natural selection that makes us who we are today.
Singular development and multiple paths

Discovery: A reference to the tools we use and also how we become aware of this world we live in.
The search and the moment

Progress: Humanity’s development of that which they have discovered through new innovations.
Upward development as well as rising

Greed; this is the nature of wanting more. It reflects that we are never satisfied.
Taking and collecting with no thought

Corruption: This greed produces corruptions and it effects the entire system.
An infiltration and the breaking of a system

War: Corruption can only hold out for so long before something is done about it and violence as a large part of what humans are.
Twisting smashing with force

Destruction: This is basically what all wars bring.
The act of it and the aftermath

Rebirth: After all of this no matter how scarred and destroyed the land is life and humanity seem to keep coming back and there seems to be no learning from mistakes.
What we came from and what we have returned to

For this project I used one source. This limited me to what I could have for images, also a background element could have added an interesting feature to each page.

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