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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the words For A toothbrush


grip*,dirty, destroyer, routine*, prevent,morning, night*, kiss*, prepare*, taste, white, protect*, wet*, intimate*, held, personal, fight, defend, kill, repetition*, inside*,  save*, weapon*, sword, tool,civilized*, scrub, clean*, reach*, wash, rinse, save, forbid, intercept, thwart, attack*, everyday, used*, worn*, proper*

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Eppelheimer said...

Regarding the of T&I integrations: Good work on the second round! I wonder if Grip could be white type knocked out of the handle in the first one. Expandable does not necessarily need to mimic the brush, it could be intact and run through the center possibly. Sleep is a bit on the cheesy side, leaning on the brush.

The ideas should work well in a larger narrative.

Get some of those up on the blog...