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Monday, October 5, 2009

explorations of poster redesigns

So, the concept of the ethos is the fragmentation of Santa Claus through the splicing of his face, one of his few actual human characteristics ( the others are all covered with his outfit at most times) This will imbue the viewer with ideas of the destruction of a beloved figure and question the reason behind it. I believe that in the composition the image will dominate the type and the message of the copy selected so that the instantaneous bold quality of the message is read quickly and stays with the viewer.

For the logos concept I will be creating a human form or part to create out of inner-workings of machinery and televisions. factual information will be included to show the people why they are turning into these inanimate objects by consuming so much media. these pieces will probably be built out of actual materials and photographed ti give a more realistic urgency of the problem.

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