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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Berlo model of communication.

In this model I sense a flow and directional maze that the Source must think about and make decisions within.
The Source must first consider self. The Communication skill, Knowledge, social system, cultural attitudes are all variance that will be pushed into the message and must be honed as to not interfere with its clarity.
The message then must be created using Archetypal structure that are know to the human race or the audience. What the message is , how it is said, What "how it is said" looks like, and the medium that it is pushed through must be considered almost simultaneously as so the whole process does not beak down when one of these goes wrong such as the last minute realization that there will not be enough money to run the T.V. add everything was based on.
The Channel is the message's sensory experience that receiver shall experience and ho they all relate the message that was originally wanted the be relayed.
The Receiver portion takes into account the type of audience the message may encounter and the possible reactions for each of the types.

what does this symbol mean

This reading is primarily about the form and context of the message and how the receiver may (or may not) interpret it. Like in the first statement the simple appropriation of a symbol into a well known action or event can change the original symbol completely. In the opposite manner a new symbol may take from existing to convey the same message in a more complex fashion. An example of this would be the mona lisa smile being an amalgamation of the symbol and action smile and all that goes with it. In this same thought the assumption of the correctly understood message may lead the sender into oversimplification and a chance for the signal to be misconstrued and over-elaborated upon.

hierarchy of design problems

graphic design is not a thing but a conduit of ideas actions and happenings. There is no completely stable background for what we base our design upon for the second the channel for a signal expires then the world must be reinvented to compensate. Basing design is simple ideological grounds allows us to mold actual application around it. Within a piece however it is always quite natural for a receiver to be expecting the basic principals they are habituated to.

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