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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

concept for info diagram instillation

Within the diagram I would create overlaid type to contain two separate messages. The whole diagram would be created and installed with the same abilities to jump out of the main flow of the diagram to explore concepts and to learn different aspects. The difference would be that in the same space as one, there would be two. two different sets of information would be present and absent at the same time. They would be absent in the fact that when layering them onto of each other they would loose legibility. This would be me encoding the message. The channel would be text and also the pane of colored plastic that the viewer would have to view the piece through. The viewer would have a choice of red or blue glasses. The red pair would nullify the red text and the blue pair would nullify the blue text. There would be a possibility to create two completely different kinds of narrative within them. One could contain primarily the informational data with the steps and how they work on a large scale level of design and communication. The other channel could contain the more intimate experience of the postcard exchange. Each would have routes that the other could not access and information that the other could not view. When being engaged the piece would have the possibility to have several people in each of the paths being taken to different parts of the diagram based on his choices. This would break away from the traditional way of viewing an exhibit. once inside there would need be no need for the viewer to stay behind the person in front of he or she and the space would become larger through exploration.

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