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Thursday, November 12, 2009

opener/data opener

that one I would like to explore would be an awareness piece that would deal with the topic of aids. I would want to steer away from the super serious. I believe that the television and all other channels are flooded with these and may be simply skipped over by todays audience. They are so used to the idea of aids killing you in horrible ways. They are witty on the surface but only in their ideas of what they parallel death from aids to. I would like to talk the audience with some sort of humor and wit. This would be a message that you would not feel to be too harsh to repeat to people and the message may spread easier. I would most likely
include a few statistics. These would be something the viewer could take with him and bring up in conversations. It would not need to be negative statistics , perhaps the date aids was discovered.

for example I could parallel the word aids with actual aids that help you and create a humorous set up where the actor keeps refusing a bunch of hot girls that want to help him. not that but along those lines. I don't know yet. The piece could also have some sort of statistical data mixed into it. This would be a stand alone campaign with possibly a website that would give more information.

This would be a good piece for my portfolio the approach would be unexpected and refreshing. The attempt alone would be noteworthy in my mind. To make people aware of the cause without relying simply on scare tactics.

this piece would most likely be on network television in a time slot around prime time. Well that is kind of a no brainer. the show would be on a general audience network and perhaps a more youthful channel such as Mtv or something along those lines.
The message is meant to be accessed by any age group and should stick with the audience subliminally.

I noticed in the last project that the song was the strongest linkage to my piece. It was not the disturbing imagery that I intended for shock value, but a well recognized song that was repurposed to mean something else. I will be using something that will be memorable in this piece to spread it and keep it in peoples heads.

I can think of may advertisements that have done this.

"I'm lovin' it" what the hell

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