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Thursday, January 28, 2010

triggs response

the letter form is a direct link to the basic communication of human beings. it is a well known system and in time there is a natural need to change and evolve the form and function of these things, if not for the simple reason of knowing that there is the possibility of change and that we are not locked into this forever. The thought of being locked into something is the thought of being not a creature creative or smart enough to challenge itself. This is where experimentation comes in. The alphbet is our rock, our anchor and there must be ships to sail out, beyond the familiar and warm to find new ventures. Our knowledge of language helps us walk into the dark and come out with the new. Every time something experimental within typography happens then a new understanding of typography is found. It must go on. Experimentation teaches the public to learn new ways to understand. It teaches the experimenter new ways to enplane and connect ideas with forms. The letters and words are being reborn and renewed into new ways of visual code. The use of the letterform aclinates the viewer into something that would be a complete mystery otherwise. experimental typography is a means of communication with limits of communication.

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