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Thursday, February 4, 2010

state of type and my final type experiment idea

The state of type these days is an expression of changing and pushing the viewer ease of anticipation. Brands and advertising seem to be moving into type of wit and creativity rather than defining themselves as old-fashioned typographic experts. The emotion portrayed in a piece is of great importance in the world right now. Type is starting to be presented not regarding the traditional typographic rules but instead moving into the realm of composition based on drawing rules such as proportion and depth of field and color theory and negative space. The bolder advertisements are now set up in the way a painting or poster would be set up each time. This is all regarding higher design. From pushing readability by minimizing the forms or creating an intricate composition as to hide the message and allow for a deeper read there has been a huge push away from simply setting type. There are also a few other sides of this debate.

In the more commercial packaging and print materials there seems to be a lack of inspiration that has fallen to the speed necessary to keep up with others in the market. Lack of invention and uniqueness is a sickness that has fallen upon many of the products and advertising now days. This is due to the imitation of great works without knowledge of why the others worked in the first place. This imitation allowed the typographer to simply attempt to place rules of other successful design blindly into their own. Other companies, many alcohol companies, rely on traditional and beautifully set typography that harkens back to the days of the printing press. These types of logos, if you look closely, have been around from day one of their product with little alteration.

There has been a massive movement toward the production of type by the hand. Either well done and garnished by ornamentation or a piece that is intentionally done to look like it came from the hand of someone demented there is no short supply of typography that is made to look like or made by the human hand. In conclusion as I researched type in the last ten years I have found that the amount of alteration and experimentation has exponentially risen in a very short time and as we find more things that work there shall be even more and more changes on what we use to push messages.

I have decided that to push a message is a very important ability and I must think about what I push. I have come to the conclusion that I shall use typography to infiltrate everyday society and inject knowledge. The question is “ how can typography bring important messages and information to the general public without being overwhelming?

In short I would like to experiment with covert knowledge
I would need to figure out what people interact with on a daily basis and inform them based on these things.

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