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Sunday, March 21, 2010


banksy is a British artist known for his graffiti based in the themes of politics, counter culture, and social issues. He uses abrupt imagery to focus the viewers attention for brief moments in their everyday lives. He works primarily in very public areas and even brings attention to areas through hi work, such as cameras and dirty sewage drains. His work also branches into other mediums other than spray paint. He has done work invoking replacing artwork within museums with his own satire on the piece. He has also replaced popular recording artist's CD with his own art on the inside. These typographic intervention have spoken largely to the average citizen and are publicized in many ranges of media. The most amazing part about his technique is that the budget is amazingly low. Tools include rocks, stenches, paper, and paint. The most costly of items used is time, but it seem that the rewards for the effort have payed off.

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