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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heathy kids intiave: further research

I visited the corner markets within the Rosedale community to understand their current level of healthy food choices. i was somwhat shocked at the findings. In the upper Rosedale corner store "el sol" I found there was a few choices for peoduce but not anything very diverse. I purchased an apple and I found that the taste was strangely soapy and odd. The bananas were quite ripe. most of the fruit and vegetable choices were the canned kind and there seemed to be a large amount of frozen foods.

The next location was in the lower (northern) part of Rosedale. I saw almost the same setup and asked the owner a few questions. I asked him what food types were most popular. He pointed at the frezer where the microwavable foods were stored. He also sold many of his home made bean and pork burritos. He told me that they try to always carry milk and eggs for the families as well but the frozes microwavable foods were the most popular. i asked about where the produce came frome and he told me that his wife would go to costco and buy in bulk or go to any of the other larger markets to get the food they sell in the corner store. He then turned my attention to a younger shopper for me to talk to.He looked about 21. i asked he what he usually buys to eat when he comes in and he went over to the frozen hamburgers and burritos as well. He also noted that he liked chips. When I asked if he ever ate any of the fruits the store carried he told me that every once in a while he would buy a lemon.

After this trip I have some thoughts about not completely changing what they choose to a completely healthy choice but changing the healthiness of what they already choose. This change could grow and grow untill eventually the corilation between the ingredients and the health would be understood and a different way of thinking about what goes into the body happens. Right at this moment I do not know if more of what is not being sold is the correct choice.

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