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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 20 count down of solutions you gonna catch that ghost.

Answer: create a Mobile device app. that can actually transform the ghosts matter into digital and literally capture it in a folder on your phone.

2. With the high production of the television show how do you know its not fake?

Answer: create a live video feed on a mobile that would show ghost hunts as they are taking place. They could then be voted on and sorted to show the most exciting ones first.

3. how do you communicate past experiences thoroughly?

Answer: with a geotag in a program such as Google maps and sorting and reconfiguring of the photos they could be viewed in real space as the user looks through the mobile device at the actual environment they originated.

4. how do you know a ghost is near?

Answer: a mobile device paired with a sound bank on the website that will cross reference the noise and give feedback to what your noise was.

Answer: A recording device that would send live feed to the web site for evaluation by community members to comment on live as it is happening.

5. where should I be looking in a certain location?

Answer: App that would allow others to go along with you by viewing your cameras and notifying you of activity in a specific area.

Answer: A device that sends out a sonar like ping that will show all activity at the moment, including cold spots, electromagnetic levels and sonar that will show the space in a map like readout.

6. how do I get a group together?

Answer: A way of posting your need for people based on location, what kind of danger there may be, what skills you have and need. This would then use a system to match you up and rout good meeting locations.

7. how to you share your experience?

Answer: A digital photo board that would be categorized by tags and could be rearranged based on the search. each could also be annotated for even more information.

Answer: a sound board

Answer a video board

8. how do you stay in contact with your group?

Answer: a skype like device that would allow users to actually experience what the other is experiencing if something exciting happens.

Answer: a pair of goggles that has recording capability. If your partner wanted you to look at their perspective.

Answer: an app that would detect something unusual and automatically notify each other person to that individual to see what is going on.

9.How do you know what is going on in the world of ghost hunting?

Answer: A live feed to your mobile device with the latest news around your location and world wide.

Answer: have a customizable area where people can post and talk

Answer: an app that allows you to annotate other peoples videos in real time (John Madden) do have talks in real time be more specific and to the point.

10. What if I want to know more about a site?

Answer: a device that you could leave behind with info about previous experiences that others could use.

Answer: app that would connect to your camera and search pictures of architecture and show the history of it to give you more knowledge.

Answer: a tagging system for questions that would send a question to other experts through text messages so they could get good feedback fast.

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