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Friday, September 3, 2010

Visual Advocacy Idea

My idea in the beginning was a grand plan to bring fresh foods from all over the area into the community. I would be in junction with the grocery stores and have some sort of way to get packages of food to specific people... then I thought.
What if they already have access to these things and what if they don't really want someone to force this whole program onto them. I should start small.

I would like to create a program that would spark the want to change. I want to change the eating habits from eating "junk Food" to eating healthy choices. Instead of a kid running directly to the chips a cookie isle for a snack, I would like them to instinctively run to the produce isle.I would want to give the community a taste of something different and let them decide on whether or not they wanted to participate, and if they choose to get involved, what degree they are getting involved. Small steps is my plan and I would like to look at alternatives to snack food.

Another Idea that I like a lot is the thought of packaging food up to distribute to families. Creating a packaging system that would gather foods that would be inexpensive and also able to sustain a family. There could also be a set of instruction designed to teach the person about different recipes for the food.

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