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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the web is dead

The web is not dead. it has simply come to a point of evolution. There will still be the fast connections of pages, images, ideas, writing, art, news, opinions, and facts. There has simply been a change in guard. The desktop does not have to take the full viewing responsibility. The technology of trasfering this information has just improved. it has a better mode of transport and can come to the mobile devices. The page as simply a flat page is dying. The new web is a place where what you want is packaged on the screen and activated only for the seconds you need it. there is no more flying around the entire site or even a "site" as we know it anymore. we need to think of the internet as spaces, rooms that we travel to and once in the room we have everything we need to accomplish what we are there for. The internet is not dead it merely has turned into somewhere to go instead of something to look at

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Marty Maxwell Lane said...

great insight in the end of your post about online experiences and form.

"web spaces" vs "web pages" = YES!