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Sunday, October 10, 2010

some functions of the hub and an explination of nav.

The main navigation works with a scroll wheel. each of the icon on the wheel is connected to a specific page. once the user goes to a page and alters the screen it is saved for the session. This allows the user so scroll through multiple pages and multitask without having to reload the pages and the data each time. So the work flow that the interface that this interface is sped up and more intuitive you never really leave any page behind.

the map appears with three options, search by the danger of an area, search by the distance away from your current location, how much paranormal activity a certain place has, and then a search bar.

as data is entered locations start to appear on the map

and as you get more specific the dots drop off of the map

when you roll over a location it gives you a very brief synopsis

and a more in depth profile can be viewed

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