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Monday, February 28, 2011

Le Corbusier: Five points

The idea behind this whole project was that it would be relate-able to the general public. Then once that was decided two weeks were spent developing a character that these thoughts could go through. The character did not pan out. Once these possibilities were exasperated then the idea of relating to the audience had to go through a different path. The visuals of a character were transformed into the idea of this whole thing becoming its own sort of attitude.

This was achieved through language, with catchy sayings being assigned to each of the five points. The phrases would stick in the viewers heads as they are traveling through the space and stay with them as they went on about their daily lives. The idea was that they would be thinking of all that they could have if they lived in a world of the five points.

The visuals of the exhibit would carry the personality of a main character without having a burning focal point of one. The images are treated with a very modern bold style. They are cut away from their background and gradient mapped. The collages that they make are and interesting story of Corbusier's work and the five points as well. The power of the experience will be the main driving point of the persuasion of the viewers to follow the ideas of the five points.

The interactive pieces, touch tables, will further reinforce the idea by adding an additional information in a comparison form. Seeing the way his ideas function in comparison to the buildings of today will push the five points into concrete thought. So in short, an exciting charismatic visual system paired with an ability to gain a deeper understanding of the ideals behind them will create a memorable experience for a broad range of viewers living in the present world.

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