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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm pro choice

Bitmap or Vector? It's up to you!
 So you've decided to render something on the computer. Your probably wondering "should I use Photoshop or Illustrator?"
Well you must first consider whether you want bitmap or vector Images. Now, don't get frustrated I'm here to help with your decision.
First off are you working with a photo?
If you are working with a photo with complex colors you will probably want to use a bitmap.

-Bitmaps use each pixel as a color swatch allowing great complexity in the image.
-alterations of individual bits are feasible for extra control.
-better ability to delicately move from color to color
although scaling down an image does not effect the image scaling up the image distorts and seems to blur the image


can be scaled to any size without losing any information
can be used for simple illustrations to be rendered for computer use
less complexity
less ability to use photos and editing them

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AGallagher said...

Pro choice, eh? Very nice, very nice indeed.