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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Friend Grasshopper

Will You Play The Caretaker

For My Little Grave





Good Friend Grasshopper


            Friendship: companionship, love, trust, loyalty, time, compatibility, talking, reliability, compromise, connection, understanding, patience, dependable, honest


Friend: chain, smiles, hands, birds, nature, mother, father , brother, pets,  the sun, home, brothers


Will You Play The Caretaker


Caretaker: maintain, keep up. Protect; make better, watch, devoted, defense, security, duty, watchman, giver, motivated, work, dependable


Caretaker: flowers, bricks, shovel, tools, grass, trees, rocks, shovel, uniform,


For My Little Grave


Death: peace, silence, sadness, alone, content, forgotten, humble, cold, dark, falling, lost, gone, ending, emptiness, rotting


Death: dirt, bones, graveyard, coffin, tears, headstone, crows, maggots, beetles, mausoleum, flowers, dog, storm, rain, a hole, rotting fruit, 

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jamie said...

Words with potential for further exploration as shapes:

friendship, connection, hands, brothers, maintain, protect, watch, defense, flowers, grass, silence, alone, bones, graveyard, hole