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Thursday, April 16, 2009

here are the final book covers. I chose to do a nontraditional representation of the sport. on the cover there is a section that contains three images. the top image is an animal that I feel gives some representation of the sport. I chose an eagle for ultimate Frisbee because it flies and and catches fish. this represents the flying and catching involved in the sport. The center picture is the sport being played. The bottom picture is a military reference to the sport. I feel that the intensity at which these games are played is quite high, and their importance is amplified by the children playing them. For Ultimate Frisbee the bottom image is a fighter touching down. A touchdown is how you score in this particular sport. All books are set up in this format though the bottom does not have to be the exact main goal. It simply references its aspects in a powerful manner. The color pallet was chosen also because of the level of  intensity these games are played at. It is also a reference at the fun and non-professional aspect of theseAdd Image particular games. In each cover there is also a simplified diagram to give the audience a reference to how these games may be set up before even opening the book.

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