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Thursday, April 16, 2009

these things are two, create one

these are my icons, my icons with a relay. A relay that makes you think about my message. A wrench is a tool in the right hands. A gun is a tool in the right hands. Both fix problems. The noose is to keep you. The cage is to keep you. The moth is kept as a pet yet dead captured and held.  The hat and clothing is the identifier of the mobster and these clearly show his identity as a dangerous creature. Alcoholism is a sinking ship. Capitol is the word of god and rules all in the underworld. Their bible is printed on green paper. The city is the Mafia's place of residence, Their place of safety. The castle speaks to this directly by being so formidable and impenetrable. They are both brutal and unrelenting. The body dead and broken is like the tree. They are both fallen and forgotten. To escape, to flee, the car is the choice of most gangsters yet there are many who choose to flee for the sheer enjoyment. They use their legs in the same way the engine works and the feet are the tires. The driver is the same, the mind. Disposal is a task that must be done. The mafia must destroy evidence. the average person must do cleaning also. The shovel is to bodies as vacuum is to dirt.

These are the first ideas that seem natural connections for the theme and the idea of the icons

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