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Thursday, September 24, 2009


John Heartfield "stultifying bandages"
born- Germany
created to push the people into a dialogue about the corrupt news press and media in general.
Heartfield worked in Germany and Czechoslovakia
his intent of his work was to disclose the real truth behind the propaganda of the time.
This piece is of a man with the news paper wrapped over his head and blinding him. This is a message to the people about the deception of the corrupt media.
This piece works on the basis of pathos.The image is emotionally powerful because of the powerful upfront imagery. It is so blunt and powerful. The major element of the human form is covered. The complete range of senses are blocked by this image. There is no emotion and the figure is quite anonymous except for the indication that the person is in the lower class. The shirt is dirty and the quality is low. this brings a deep and dark feelings and the newspaper becomes the actual figure in the piece. It is the aggressor on the subject and conveys a power that is scarry to be coming from an inanimate object.

The text underneeth reads " Whoever reads the bourgeois press turns deaf and blind. Away with these stupidity-causing bandages!'

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