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Friday, October 30, 2009

card 2

My message, transmitted through representational and mechanical medians gained much static through the overlooking of a presumably minor detail, placement of background environment, and ruined the idea altogether and made the viewer misinterpret it.

The placement of the frame above the horizon line suggests that the viewer is high. Within some receivers context the high environment equals a scary experience. That is due to the symbol of the horizon being imbedded within the psyche as being a guide placement in a three dimensional environment and even the slightest alteration will be noticed and interpreted.

The secondary message, the message of the environment being what you look into through the sitting on a bench, was not received correctly and almost completely disregarded because of the the mistake in the channel bringing so much noise that the true message was dirtied.

with this postcard the bench almost becomes personified as experiencing the environment itself by being on the sidewalk and being clearly different and more lively than the bench in the background. It seems to be standing at an entry point asking if I would like to experience his world. Also this environment seems very manmade and unlike a natural park. The domestication of the outdoors and nature itself may also be an underlying message when it comes to the bench. Bench is a manmade familiarity that can be put into environments to make humans feel more comfortable in the surroundings of the woods.

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