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Sunday, November 1, 2009

card three

based on my read of the last post I have decided to integrate many products including those of interactive scientific environmental with the bench to create a new system of awareness and interaction within the natural park.

The Natural Park Service only has 28000 employees and with that manpower they have to deal with 400 historic national parks. They are the protectors of 400 endangered species and 528 national natural historic sites. They have to deal with 275 million visitors each year. With this system of benches the benches themselves could actually take some of the workload off of the employes and spread awareness of the natural parks. Also possibly bring in a younger generation to the parks.


Katie Barnes said...

I really like the idea of an interactive bench. To think that a bench could take some of the workload off of park workers, and almost serve as some kind of augmented reality application is interesting.

It's a great idea, very economically friendly and sustainable. Although, I worry about production costs (since most parks are supported by non-profit organizations - who don't expendable budgets). I also worry about upkeep on the benches, and how long they would last before needing replaced.
The "smart bench" could become a more costly (but cooler) alternative to tour guides and informational signs. In the end, the cost might outweigh the sustainability.

Most importantly, I wonder what this card has to do with our previous conversations? I'm sorry if I misunderstood.

Sean said...

with this postcard the bench almost becomes personified as experiencing the environment itself by being on the sidewalk and being clearly different and more lively than the bench in the background. It seems to be standing at an entry point asking if I would like to experience his world. Also this environment seems very manmade and unlike a natural park. The domestication of the outdoors and nature itself may also be an underlying message when it comes to the bench. Bench is a manmade familiarity that can be put into environments to make humans feel more comfortable in the surroundings of the woods.