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Monday, November 9, 2009

day one progress

this is and exploration of how pieces could be rendered and how the rendering style could be worked together in the system

This is how the diagram may be set up as it wraps around walls and has detached pieces on alternate walls.

here is self generated copy about topics within the information diagram.


communication skills

the ability to get across a specific way with accuracy, articulation, vocabulary.


how the source views the subject matter. Attitudes may need to be hidden to get the proper message across without source personality getting in the way.


knowledge may limit the expanse of the crowd the source connects to. Including all of the knowledge may turn off some of the receivers who only need to understand the basic gist of the message, but it is a good idea to have too much information that can be edited down than to be lacking it.

social system

due to the social system, how should the encoder create the message. the relationship of the receiver and the message needs to be understood. If you reference something class A would be familiar with in a message that is meant to go to class B the message may be lost or perceived in an incorrect manner or perceived as a insult.


culture plays a large part because it is relative to location and social system. something that is accepted or common knowledge in one culture may have zero relevance in another. The message must be formed to be culturally relative or easily tied into it.
an example is the cow in India and America. The two cultures view the animal as completely different things and have contrasting ideas about it. The culture must be understood when talking about cows in each country.



the elements are the basic structures that make up the message as a whole. examples include : color, imagery, type, sound, basically all the pieces by themselves.


what environmental setting will the message be viewed in. Specifics of an idea may be well appreciated if the message will be viewed in the context of a specialized audience. Certain things also mean different things within differing context
ex. the color red is viewed differently within a love story than that of a horror. red may denote love in a love story and red may denote blood in a horror movie. red the same message is being altered by the context.


this is the visual candy. Before getting into the van the encoder sees the treatment and decides rather or not to come with you.
If the treatment of the information is to the dislike than this created noise that may destroy the message altogether but it is also necessary to treat the message to flow into certain channels of the societies culture more easily. the treatment is like the water on the slip and slide.

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dkozlov said...

I think this is going in a good direction. Consider wrapping your diagram even further. The longer the user has to walk through, the more interested they will be. If they only take two steps, it won't be very memorable. Also, think about making several storylines on the same wall, so the user can choose which s/he wants. Are you going to paint it on the walls? Have posters up? It all contributes to the experience.

Also, start looking at how you are going to annotate it. There are examples in your earlier drawings, but you need more detail.