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Sunday, November 8, 2009

did get something accomplished though found the definitions I will use for the model


the point or source of the creation of the message itself. The source is the gatherer of the necessary components to create a message. the source encodes the information to create the message.


A message in its most general meaning is an object of communication. It is something which provides information; it can also be this information itself. Therefore, its meaning is dependent upon the context in which it is used; the term may apply to both the information and its form.


The channel is the medium used to convey the message.


this is the person who gets the message through a channel and has the job of decoding the message.


any sort of interference that alters the main idea of the information trying to be communicated.


information that makes its way back to the source that is based on the interaction of the message and the receiver.

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