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Sunday, November 8, 2009

build fail

building the actual mini model will need to be much bigger the material chosen, black matte board, was the incorrect choice and simply splintered when trying to cut out the necessary small parts to create the diagram. I cried Jamie. I really did.

This failure however may have been just what this project needed to leap out of simple vector objects and into something more visceral. In thinking about materials that I would attempt to work with next I happened to think of non building materials, such as balls, wire, computer parts. string, wood, doorknobs, keys, religious artifacts, cloth, actual clothing, bottles, lightbulb, moving electronics, and many more. I would like to more this project into a space that will hit the viewer much harder than simply stylized lines. What if the viewer had to plug things in or turn things as they went along the information theory adventure. Full immersion would be possible in this fashion to a far greater degree than I previously thought.

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jamie said...

keep going. and you can explore other ways to mock-up - like you've already started to do with the photoshop of design onto room interiors.

also remember to scale the project appropriately to meet the objectives and to execute it within the given timeframe.