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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

interactive flash

The initial sketches were ideas about ambiguity of the subject matter. The screens may have reveled some of the concept but the viewer would have had to actually interact to get the meaning behind the imagery of the window. I tried several different approaches. The first was a simple interface that used geometric shapes. The second was a little more obvious and used blood cells as the buttons and video window. The third is a sort of black organic structure that would grow with interaction.

Through discovering my own limitations I have decided do head in the first idea's direction. This will allow for me to spend less time making the pare itself look polished and more time actually giving the page content and interactivity.

The geometric structure was simplified and a background element was included for the real artifact. each shape would do a different function and the user will discover through interaction what each does and then be able to create his or her own experience.

P.S. I am glad that action script tells me where errors are when they occur.

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