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Thursday, December 3, 2009

comunication model

for the final project I have produced a choose your own adventure book. This book contains several different paths and choices within the paths. The user can fail by getting negative feedback at the end or by getting neutral feedback. There is only one correct path the get positive feedback.This book is a fantastic example of the communication model because of ist pure basis on user interaction. It is not fun and a communication model. It is fun because it is a communication model done to be this way. The basis on this is that there are many choices in the path to the receiver and many things can get in the way of producing a well though out message. I wanted to emphasize this aspect of the original models.

The book however is quite secondary in what I have taken away from this project. Throughout this project there have been many eye opening discoveries about myself and how I tend to work. This has primarily come from the failures and short coming of this project. In the beginning I envisioned a grand exhibit where people would move throughout and learn the communication model. This idea was never realized for several reasons. I have learned that time use and management is something that I need to work on greatly. I need to get the groundwork laid on how to make something work before I start adding complexity. In the process of this assignment I added too much into the diagram which made it difficult to find time to figure basic principals out. I need to fail faster. I kept everything in my head and did not produce actual pieces to be looked at and critiqued. This led to utter chaos and confusion when it finally came time to crate this piece. I need to stop thinking so very much and produce so I may understand the actual problems in the real world and not assume everything will work like it does in my brain.

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