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Friday, December 4, 2009

data presentation crit


micahB said...

I think you've executed the overall tone and message well. The imagery was incredible, the variation in: cropping, angles, perspectives, etc kept me interested. The music track was very appropriate and I think further enhanced the emotion captured within. The hierarchy of the imagery was almost strong enough to carry the video itself. I can't say much more as far as the integration of the facts (in type) because they are still in progress, but I had a good sense of where you were going with them.

I think there was a nice balance of technical scenes (the medication) with intimate scenes (the couple) and casual scenes (dog, house intro, etc). This variety works well as a technique to give the viewer all the elements related to the issue and all things affected.

I think the other concerns were addressed within the short critique that followed: adding the facts, maybe cutting out the slightly humorous scene of the figure with the hair close-up. As a viewer, I really appreciated the closure of "he still lives, by this saying - live, laugh, love."But overall it was consistent within what you wanted to communicate and overall tone was executed well.

Luke Babb said...

Your piece had a great impact and emotion is present right away with the supportive music. I like the subtle, eventual reference to AIDS as it gives dimension to the piece and builds a sense of wonder and intrigue from the viewer. Your music selection justifies the overall feel and give a real quality to the piece. The music incorporated with the video gives off great emotion of sentimentalism and makes it very personal, as if it were a real insight to the persons life. Your transitions are effective and add to the feel of the piece as it give a sense of the passage of time.

The presentation, overall, supports the motto you were going for and will be further established with the integration of text. That is the only thing missing at this point, it was very difficult to understand at first without context. But once you add insightful text it will really bring the piece together. With your text, I would make it secondary to the video, as the video clips are strong and expressive. Your approach to the project works very well and you did a great job capturing emotion and a real sense of being apart of this man's life