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Friday, December 4, 2009

final thoughts

I think that the most that I have learned in this project is that the industry of aids data presentation is not concerned about the person with aids. They do not care about the actual person but instead the people without it. why would there be any reason to talk to someone with something that does not have a cure? This is what drove me to the conclusion creating something that would tell the real story of these people.

This project has helped me discover that there is two sides two every coin and that the message is up to the sender to create and that the sender is always human and flawed. Viewpoint are incredibly important to what we as a society perceive. things are taboo simply because they have been pushed into that category.My original idea was some over the top story of those who are famous with aids and relate that to regular Joes with aids having hope still. That , I realized, did not make sense. I need the real truth about living with aids. It would be a lie and an injustice to forget about the majority to hold those who are famous up on my shoulders for this video. I needed to show a real person in his real environment just living life. I found that the truth turned out just as powerful or possibly more than that of the embellished.

I have also learned real tangible skills as well. I have learned how to properly set up shots and create a storyboard that involves actual filming and not just stop motion or flash animation. I have learned much about editing as well. Timing placement duration of shots mean everthing. The message can alter simply by reversing a shot or slowing something down. Cutting and editing a film is an art and I have a much higher respect for those who do it professionally.

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thenewprogramme said...

excellent thoughts, sean. i'm glad you had this experience and it does indeed sound like you learned a lot. way to go.