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Sunday, February 14, 2010

experiments : round 2

this to experiment was to see if a print in the environment could produce its message over time.
I used glue and paper
once it dried I started a series of washings. This was to recreate the weather. rain wind snow

after some time the message would be fully readable

note: this could be done without the paper over top for an invisible message that the viewer could see by doing a charcoal rubbing of the spot. these spots could be denoted by a special icon.

sponge bat

this concept involves printing onto the environment with a sponge filled with ink. it would be rather eye catching with multiple colors splattered and swirling around within the type and could also use easy to clean paint or ink so that it is not marring what it prints on.
the prototype is a complete fail. I want this to work, though.


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