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Sunday, February 14, 2010

some awesome experiments

Here is what I have been coming up with in the vain of experimental environmental printing. These are prototypes of what could be possible.

this prints "77 years to live"

this prints "what are you going to do"

this is the first amendment..... I think it will print...

my first attempts were with poking holes in cans and seeing if rolling them would produce the word poked into them

it did not work. The cans made the liquid just bubble and pool without coming out all at the same time to form the word. I tried viscosity alteration but nothing worked well enough.

my most successful print came from a plastic container. I simply cut the letters out and inked it up. In the environment this could be done with mud or water perhaps and is very easy to reproduce at home by anyone

In this one I just slammed the can down and produced my most can print.

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Richardson said...

These are really awesome dude. I especially like the idea of the shoe sole creating a message. Instead of people trying to avoid mud and such, people would embrace it in order to make prints.

I'm also a fan of the type formed from the rolling containers creating the type.

Keep up the good work.