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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

moderism/postmodernism comparison website

here is my latest version of my comparitive web page. I have switched from a white backgound to black and my accent color is now red instead of being all gray.
The page is composed in a way that show the differences in the designers themselves. The left side is the modernist side and is set up along a grid structure.The type on this side is conforming throughout and the image is spliced perfectly evenly and space evenly.
The right side is postmodern and is less grided. The image piece are not the smae size and dispersed with out regard to the grid.
one is the keeper of the grid and the other is the destroyer of it.
These themes run through out the site and reinforce the notion of difference and sameness with the color pallet, because postmodernism is the child of modernism.

the structure is all very geometric and sharp.
there are only two colors gray and its variations and red with separate opacity.
the photos connect in a spot in the center noting that these two sides, even with their differences have a strong bond with each other.

I need to work on the buttons and the general layout. There are problems with the legibility of the type as well. The essay is hard to read and the buttons are painful to look at.
some of the shapes feel clunky and the positioning of elements should be a little less arbitrary.

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