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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Idea

I would like to use the product of water. I plan on packaging it with something to help the environment. I could use seeds that would be packaged with the seeds of the flavor. So, if the water was flavored like strawberries then the container would house strawberries that you could plant. Also, the container itself could be used as a planter. So you would drink the water and then plant the seeds inside of the water bottle. I would like to promote the activity of giving back by engaging the user to do so. The person who purchases the water would have the choice of planting the seeds giving them to a friend, or just dumping them out. the container would only need dirt. also It could be packaged the some dehydrated soil. This would get the act of doing something for the environment out of being an idea on the bottle to actually becoming an activity. To see something actually take place and be good for the environment would be more effective than just having to assume that something is "organic" or "good" for nature. you are packaging a change not a promise. The one who purchases would become something through the purchase.

I believe that my target audience would be the upper middle class who already spend money for water inside of plastic and are not going to change that. My product line would be to raise awareness of how easy it is to be a positive effect on the earth. The novelty of it would be the selling point at first then there would be a sense of collection that would start to build. As the user buys more he grows more inside of the containers and as that grows then the plants would possibly translate into a garden, window sill or backdoor. These mini gardens would be something that your friends would be jealous of and beguin their own collections. This product would be a community not just a product. It would become part of their life.

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