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Monday, March 29, 2010

type 4:::: typecon perameters

venue ideas: abandoned warehouse,abandoned oil tanker,abandoned church, abandoned zoo, zoo, abandoned theme park, abandoned island, abandoned school, abandoned farm, abandoned asylum,abandoned barber shop,

events: in environment demo, hypothetical demo, drunk grizzly bears throw knives at you, experimental workshop, lecture on inventive environmental advertising, low cost materials, lecture on effective psychological strategy, cock fights Q&A, discussion group, get arrested contest, open bar, find places and tag scavenger hunt, environment alteration contest, tool creation workshop, bathroom stall drawings, cheese wheel rollin', turtle throw, sign in, register, walkin', bathroom time, eat, drink, drunk, vendor interaction, other people interaction

merch: create your own shirt,design the front of your notebook, actually you could probably just design the whole look of each of your items with our elements we create, transfer tattoo id, choose your own background id, bean, make your own stencil,

here is the form changing identity. elements would be chosen and layered at the user's discretion to create their own unique merchandise.

here is a banner that would form to the environment it is placed in

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