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Friday, April 2, 2010

type 4:::: refined typecon identity(awesome wood type)

here the way that this identity for the type conference look is going to be handled.

The identity is created using the letterpress to give it a more visceral feel that is linked into the idea of the new gritty way to attract viewer's attention with the techniques shown at the convention.

each piece of the identity is free from the rest of it allowing complete freedom of design.
people would have their choice to customize their own personal items at an online account to have them ready at the conference, print onto blank items they receive when they arrive, or purchase their own pre designed items.

here is an example of the identity changing on one item based on preference of look.

This is the rough draft of the ID system. It would be a transfer tattoo if you prefer it or a regular one If you did not like that Idea. The name needs to be larger and the face should be more clear on the final.

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