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Sunday, April 25, 2010

type 4::::: artifacts for mr. typecon 2012

After much revision we have refined our direction down to a single concept. We are perpetuating the tools as well as the tools used for it. The visual identity has been narrowed down to a set number of visuals which are used throughout the identity. The idea behind all of them is that they all are part of what the conference is about. Each visual is an actual thing that has been used and other visuals are the aftermath of someone interacting with an environment or an object. All the type was hand set manually placed within the artifacts for a better integration into the quality of the rest of it.

style guide
1.for formal type only use the typefaces Frutiger and Caslon
2. The IN must be in frutiger bold and kerned -75
3. the human hand is the creator of the imagery other rules are necessary because they would intrude in creative flow and flexability of the identity.

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