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Monday, April 26, 2010

crit zone

What did you think? l


Amanda Laffoon said...

Hey boys,
I want to start off by saying GOOD JOB. Your conference seems very engaging and is very likely to draw in a crowd. I also wanted to mention that you and sean worked well as a team, and it is apparent through the quality of your work. One of my favorite pieces was that booklet you made. It has a slightly different look to it than the poster. The large full bleed images add a strong sense of drama to your piece. Also awesome idea to cut out the text. This gave your page an added sense of dimension as well as looked like it was done by hand just like the poster. However the mission statement that Sean read may need a little bit of revising, some of the words sounded a little awkward ( the word head in both of the last 2 sentences, i think). How that is nit picky. Words are a very hard thing to work with, especially when they have such an ambiguous meaning. So also thought that abby's comment about the connotation/ feeling of the words are tending to lean in 2 different directions, bad and good, was very valid. And your poster especially, and even the book alittle bit too is feeling rather bad, and red and bloody. So id dont know how hard it would be to maybe do a poster the had a different color palette and they could work in a series.

They billboards you created where really dynamic as well. They would be super cool like you guys said set up in a time based way building up to the conference. This would build anticipation for the attendees, while also giving them a sense of what they are getting them selves into. With that though I think that they street banners may not be cool or powerful and having both may be overkill with the building up of words.

The name tags were very creative and unusual. The only thing is if there #1 function is to let people see their names quickly the size may be too small. And if people put them on their body will people still be able to view their name?

All it all good job, looks like you guys had fun!!!

Kate Morr said...

How do you make your message stand out better than everyone else's??? GREAT QUESTION TO ANSWER!! Your identity is very appealing. IN=conference name. LOVE IT! the poster has a negative feel to it. If the colors were a little brighter. or less grey; even if the knocked out letters were a brighter white, it would make the poster feel more positive.

I feel that the billboards and the banners are still too separate, even though they will all be on the same path. The banners are beautiful and are a good idea, however i didn't know to put "in" in front of everything. Keep the billboard because it is WONDERFUL, but add just one more banner at the beginning to let people know.

Your book as awesome. It is a good way to tell people what is going on at your conference.

I find the name tags might be a little redundant. you can see what the people look like already, why do you need to see them smaller? make their name bigger. The temporary tattoo idea is pretty entertaining, but again does it have to be their faces?

Overall I think you both did an amazing job. Your identity is excellent!! keep it up yo.