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Thursday, October 14, 2010


the first system is a prepackaged healthy meal that would be specifically create food choices that are fast and viable options to go up against fast-food or a frozen unhealthy alternatives.

The Second direction was discovered recently. through a few interviews I discovered that Rosedale is a "food Desert". A food desert is a place that is isolated from a food source. Food deserts happen in areas far away from grocery stores, communities in which transportation is scarce, and sub-communities that are separated from the main structure of the city. Rosedale seems to be all of the above. I did some research and there are several resources working on this specific problem. The funding and promotion of these resources is very limited at the moment so an awareness campaign would be a great way to gain awareness and pull in more funding. If more people know why there is a problem more people may take the initiative to do something or at least spread the information themselves.

This was the First study of using a map to pinpoint a spot that needs attention.

the second attempt was to map the area visually with color. As the lack of local stores increased the color becomes more and more dismal.

The last look is a more efined version of both ideas with an explanation of the situation and also ways go get more information on how to join the cause or get more information.

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